How to Find the Right Senior Living Community for You!

A senior living community, often referred to as a retirement village or home, is both a home and care facility for those aged over 55. The care they provide ranges in intensity and regularity. However, they continually promote independence while providing supported or independent living. 

What do senior living communities offer?

Retirement villages and housing can hugely alleviate daily tasks such as housework and personal regimes. Every aspect of the arranged living is adaptable to your needs; however, most senior care providers offer a full menu and all meals prepared, medication management, short and long term stays, a personalized care plan, and highly trained staff nurses to respond to emergencies on site.

They offer independent or assisted living, depending on specific requirements. Independent living describes when a person can – and wants to – live alone. This includes in-home care, whereby carers visit to provide support and assistance. 

Assisted living is more suitable for seniors who cannot, or simply don’t want to, live independently anymore. This could be due to a disease or condition, a disability, loneliness, or simply to make life a bit easier.

How can I ensure I make the right choice?

Explore options and write down what’s important to you. Relocating to a senior living community can be a wonderful opportunity to make new friends, stay active, eat delicious food, and take up new hobbies! Deciding what your senior goals are will help you when making the right selection. 

To find the perfect option for your future, search with premier senior living and be confident about your choice!

To find out what’s important to you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I want to take part in a particular sport in my senior years? 
  • Do I want to live independently or in assisted housing?
  • What kind of cuisine am I going to want to eat?
  • Do I need a worship area?
  • Do I want access to a pool area?
  • Am I looking for scheduled activities?
  • Do I want access to a salon?
  • What specialized services may I need in the future?
  • How close will I be to my family and friends?
  • What is the ratio of staff-to-resident?
  • Will the facility have the resources to evolve with my needs?
  • Are the common areas inviting?
  • How is wellness monitored?
  • Do I want outside carers to visit and support me?
  • How important is it to my mental wellbeing that outings are regular?

Once you know what you want, it’s advisable to tour the community and get a feel for the people, service, and atmosphere.

In summary

Choosing the right place to spend your senior years is a wise move to plan for your future. Seeing your relocation as an opportunity for personal growth and to relax can be difficult without a clear picture of what will happen. But ensuring that you, and your family, know your wishes can make sure your transition into a retirement community is positive and non-confusing. 

Decide on what’s important to you, visit a few options, and look forward to retirement in a senior living community!